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(sonic) Wild Code

Hosts: Antye Greie aka AGF

Participants: Till Bovermann, Dinah Bird, Anja Erdmann, Kristina Lindström, Vygandas Vegas Simbelis, Caspar Ström

As humans we inhabit a hybrid ecology and as such we are part of the biological and technological ends of our world. In recognizing this, one can state that it is our responsibility to connect both  peripheries to develop ethical and respectful forms of co-existence and ideally beneficial  interaction. The (sonic) Wild Code Team will investigate notions of coexistence, communication and potentials for interaction in a hybrid ecology. By immersing itself into the vast and raw landscape of Lapland around Kilpisjärvi, the group will research and test possibilities to enable the landscape to speak for itself. Methods include listening to the land, communicating to the land, analyzing the heard and the code and finding common and uncommon denominators and more. From this experience the group will imagine sonic and other wild interfaces to  enable communication, articulation and learning processes for actors in  the landscape and the landscape itself.

Antye Greie

Antye Greie [AGF, poemproducer] is a musician, vocalist, digital songwriter, composer, poet, producer, performer, digital media artist and recently practicing curator and educator. Her poetry, which she converts into electronic music, and digital media, has been presented on records, live performances and sound installations in venues around the world. Born and raised in East Germany, AGF lives and works on the northern Finnish island Hailuoto. She is founder and artistic director of Hai Art, a cultural organisation that practices media art in public and social space in a remote context. As independent curator Antye Greie specializes on hybrid sound and sonic activism. In 2004 she received an Award of Distinction at the 2004 Ars Electronica festival.

Dinah Bird

DinahBird is a sound and radio artist living and working in Paris. She makes radio programmes, audio publications, installations and soundtracks. Recent commissions include Dakar Morning Birds, a radio installation that transposed the dawn chorus of the Senegalese capital to an inner city garden in Northern Paris and east Berlin, and Topographies Nocturnes, a radio art project for which she won the prestigious Prix Luc Ferrari. She has just released A Box of 78s, her radio art vinyl record on Gruenrekorder. Works have been played on BBCRadio4, France Culture’s Atelier de Création Radiophonique, Resonance FM, Kunst Radio, and through the Radia network, and have been presented at radio festivals in over twenty countries around the world. She has performed live in the Pompidou Centre and the Palais de Tokyo, Paris and is presently employed by the Paris Museum of Modern Art to develop a programme of sound workshops in correlation to their permanent and temporary collections.

Till Bovermann

Till Bovermann studied Computer Science in the Natural Science at Bielefeld University. In 2010, he received a PhD for his work on Tangible Auditory Interfaces. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Media Lab of Aalto University, Finland where he initiated and the DEIND project, in which people with autistic spectrum disorder were encouraged to connect with the field of contemporary music practice. Till is a principal investigator of the interdisciplinary project "Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments" (3DMIN) at UdK Berlin. His artistic works deal with the interrelation of code, natural phenomena and reflection. Alongside his academic and artistic work, he also develops software in and for SuperCollider.

Anja Erdmann
Anja Erdmann studied Media Art and Design at Bauhaus-University Weimar with focus on Sound Art and Intermedia installations. She is interested in movement processes formed by an interplay of acoustic and visual elements. Sound objects, dynamic lighting as well as electromechanical movement creates sensual environment. Her works has been exhibited at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Neues Museum Weimar, Musée Réattu, Arles in France, Haiart in Finland, (h)ear foundation in the Netherlands, NOW! Festival in Essen, ICAS Festival in Dresden and other locations. She lives and works in Weimar (Germany).
Kristina Lindström

Kristina Lindström holds a PhD in interaction design. She is a senior lecturer at the School of arts and communication, Malmö Univerity and has a postdoctoral position at Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University. Her research focus is on public engagement on everyday of living with technologies. She has exhibited and presented her work internationally in contexts spanning hacking, e-waste, cultural heritage, participatory design, feminist technoscience and media archaeology. Currently she is working together with Åsa Ståhl in the project HYBRID MATTERs where they among other things will arrange walks to discuss and speculate on matters that emerge when human and natural forces merge.

Vygandas Vegas Simbelis

Vygandas "Vegas" Šimbelis is an artist and a researcher combining various approaches in his artistic practice and research. Interdisciplinary is an overarching approach for his art practice and it implies various significant artistic, scientific and technological resources. By projecting subjective and critical view on nowadays’ actual issues the artist focuses on strategic topics of the art-world as well as reflects upon common broader aspects of societal, political, and cultural discourses. Vegas is conducting PhD at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and works as researcher in Mobile Life research centre.

Caspar Ström

Caspar Ström has a master's degree in Ecology from Umeå University. He
did his master's thesis on tropical soundscapes. He currently works as a
field biologist in North Sweden.

SEPT 2015
an art&science field laboratory about converging ecologies by Bioartsociety